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Topplers Records

What's New?


Added pages for Dan Melchior, The Knockouts, Jowe Head, Topplers 'Other' releases and updated Phones Sportsman and The NoMen.



Updated The NoMen page with news of a new album.



Topplers Records and Steve Treatment are merging their websites. There may be a bit of chaos but we'll get there!


Welcome to Topplers Records website; also the home of the Steve Treatment archive. Topplers has had a strong link with Steve Treatment since 2002 and we are proud to share this website with his archive.

Topplers came to life in 2000 AD as a DIY label releasing CDRs by bands from the West of Scotland. In 2003 they released their first 'real' album by The NoMen which was a collection of songs by Steve Treatment. After that they  released 7" vinyl by The Decider, Jowe Head, Steve Treatment, The Knockouts and more. For the next 15 years they put out vinyl and CDs by Phones Sportsman, The Knockouts, Dan Melchior, The NoMen, Jowe Head, Salt Doll and many more.

Since 2018 Topplers has been in semi retirement but they burst back in 2020 releasing a brand new album by ex Swell Maps member Phones Sportsman.

Topplers first compilation CD

This compilation album from 2006 gives a good indication of the diversity of Topplers releases. Not all the acts featured on the album were involved with Topplers, we just liked them!

PSB 2020


The latest Topplers release is an album by founder member of The Swell Maps, Phones Sportsman. Phones was joined by his old Swell Maps buddy Jowe Head and Scottish musical guerrillas The NoMen! SOLD OUT