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Phones Sportsman - from Swell Maps to PSB

DaDaPhone by Phones Sportsman


Phones Sportsman was an integral part of the early Swell Maps with Nikki Sudden, Epic Soundtracks and Jowe Head. He retired from the music industry just as The Maps released their first LP but was persuaded to return for a solo single on Rather Records in 1980. It is Phones on the cover of the 'Read About Seymour' sleeve in his motorbike helmet and goggles! He also contributed to the solo albums by Nikki Sudden and Jowe Head.Phones Sportsman

Phones in Africa

After that there was a gap of over 25 years as he worked across the world and offshore as a geologist before he Googled himself and saw there was interest in his work with Swell Maps, and also that a band in Scotland called The NoMen had done a cover version of all the tracks on the 1980 solo single. At that point Phones got in touch with Topplers and began creating music again using friends and family as his band and getting The NoMen involved in the music as well. Two albums "May Contain Nutters" and "Arson & the Juggernauts" were released by Topplers in 2008/2009 and a CD EP "Your Body or Your Brain" was released in 2010 at which point The Phones Sportsman Band retired again.

DaDaPhone - In the 2020 Lockdown Phones Sportsman and his Band came back with a new 13 track album recorded throughout July and August. The golden tonsils are still in evidence and his off-the-wall lyricism is perfectly suited to the DaDa theme running through this collection. This album also includes two tracks recorded with Jowe Head in 2008 under the name "HeadPhones". These tracks have lain unfinished since they were originally recorded in 2008 but, with the help of The NoMen, they have been fully restored and fit in perfectly with the rest of the new recordings. The album was produced as a very short run and has now sold out. A digital version can be found at The NoMen's BandCamp page at a special price.

A Bad Reputation is a Good Place to StartA Bad Reputation is a Good Place to Start

A Bad Reputation is a Good Place to Start - After completing his album Phones was still filled with lyrical and vocal ideas. He asked the NoMen if they had any old riffs lying around that he could use. As it happened The NoMen had an album of material almost ready which had been interrupted due to the Lockdown imposed on them! Many of these tracks were without lyrics and Phones dived in at the deep end and within a week he had lyrics in place for all of them Not content with just writing the lyrics he asked for the backing tracks and recorded vocals for some of them! 

Is this a NoMen album? Is it a Phones Sportsman album?

Find out yourself buy buying the 22 track CD with 8pp booklet.

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