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On the 31st October The NoMen will release their first album of  new material since January 2020! (That is a long time for the NoMen, they usually manage three albums a year!) Look out for announcements soon to get it super spooky Halloween packaging!



Phones Sportsman's final album? The Return of Punky Pea is out now. Get it before it's gone.



SPACE - a compilation of tracks from 2011 to 2021 with a space/sci-fi theme. Comes in crazy silver space age packaging.


The NoMen have a new digital release on Shambotic Records. Listen to it on the Nomen's page Now!!!


OOPS! Looks like I broke all the links for Steve Treatment's MP3s. All can be heard in their DIY glory right here, now!



Updated The  NoMen and Phones Sportsman pages.
New album from The NoMen available now.



New downloads available on Bandcamp


Updates to Phones Sportsman



Added pages for Dan Melchior, The Knockouts, Jowe Head, Topplers 'Other' releases and updated Phones Sportsman and The NoMen.



Updated The NoMen page with news of a new album.



Topplers Records and Steve Treatment are merging their websites. There may be a bit of chaos but we'll get there!


Jowe Head  - ex Swell Map and Television Personality!

Merman Blues 7" singleMerman Blues 7" single

From a Parallel Universe CD albumFrom a Parallel Universe CD album

Diabilical Liberties CD albumDiabilical Liberties CD album

Confessions from the Twisted Tower CD albumConfessions from the Twisted Tower CD album

Olives Hairy Custard CD albumOlives Hairy Custard CD album

Angel Racing Food CD albumAngel Racing Food CD album

Jowe Head's back catalogue is impressive, but his solo work is his best!
Jowe Head was a founding member of Swell Maps along with Nikki Sudden and Phones Sportsman. When the Maps split in 1981 he went on to play with the Television Personalities. Since then he has never been idle playing with a huge range of idiosyncratic bands and releasing some amazing records. 

Jowe is also a very talented artist and printmaker so all of his releases on Topplers have sleeves he designed or painted himself.

Jowe Head - From a Parallel Universe 2006 
Jowe Head's first solo record on Topplers contains some of his finest songs and includes his reworking of the Swell Maps "Cake Shop Girl" which was released on 7" by the Cake Sop in New York City.  The album has an exotic feel with Jowe experimenting with balalaika, thumb piano, talking drums and toy pianos to create a swirling soundscape over his solid rhythms. From a Parallel World also contains a couple of very unusual cover versions! Front cover and booklet art are paintings by Jowe.

Jowe Head and the Demi Monde - Diabolical Liberties 2009 
Jowe continues to make vital, challenging music. He is backed by a new band called The Demi-Monde for an ambitious new album called "Diabolical Liberties" released on micro independent label Topplers. The sound is psychedelic, using electronic and acoustic instruments, with a European folk influence plus Indian and Moorish elements. 

Jowe Head and the Demi Monde - Confessions from the Twisted Tower 2013 

Eleven new tracks, with a vast inspirational well ranging from the art of William Blake and John Millias to deer hunting and strange English traditions. It shows the remarkable development of The Demi-Monde over the last 5 years featuring a wild array of instrumentation including bowed saw, psaltery, toy piano, tambura and submarine sonar, it comes in a gatefold card sleeve with original artwork by Jowe Head himself!

Olive's Hairy Custard  - 1990's avant-pop guitar mangling! 
This is a forgotten treasure of an album released for the first time in its entireity. A 7" single by the band and a track on a compilation LP was all that ever appeared from these recordings in the nineties. Now you can hear the full album in all it's glory, and what an album it is! Jowe and his band mates have written a fantastic collection of songs which they play with gusto. The guitar playing alone is worth the price of admission! The wonderfully named Les Miserable and Garlon Hairmungous (both from Australia)  share guitar and vocal with Jowe and the rock solid drumming is provided by Elliot P Smoke once of Thrilled Skinny and now in The Knockouts.
There are 12 tracks on this album which comes wrapped in a great big fold out sleeve with some very strange photos of the band in action!!! If you like custard you'll love this album!

Angel Racing Food CD albumAngel Racing Food CD album

A tour-de-force from Jowe and the band. This album is chock full of Jowe's unique brand of twisted pop, delivered in his distinctive baritone. Contains the classic "Venus Bigfoot" single which sounds as though Adam and the Ants collided with the Fall! This is a consistently inventive collection of songs and the band is on top form throughout the album. Highlights include the aforementioned Venus Bigfoot, the sultry psychedelica of Butcher Shop Lassie, the black humour of Dead Man's Shoes, in fact they are all highlights!