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The NoMen have a new digital release on Shambotic Records. Listen to it on the Nomen's page Now!!!


OOPS! Looks like I broke all the links for Steve Treatment's MP3s. All can be heard in their DIY glory right here, now!



Updated The  NoMen and Phones Sportsman pages.
New album from The NoMen available now.



New downloads available on Bandcamp


Updates to Phones Sportsman



Added pages for Dan Melchior, The Knockouts, Jowe Head, Topplers 'Other' releases and updated Phones Sportsman and The NoMen.



Updated The NoMen page with news of a new album.



Topplers Records and Steve Treatment are merging their websites. There may be a bit of chaos but we'll get there!


The NoMen - too obscure to be a Cult!

The NoMen are a band from Scotland who formed in 2003 to provide the backing for Steve Treatment's new recordings. Due to a variety of reasons Steve could not make the planned session but the NoMen, who had already recorded the music, went ahead and added their own vocals. Steve heard the recordings and was impressed, "You sound more like me than I do!" 

Topplers released the album as a limited edition CD and it gained favourable reviews. The NoMen and Steve eventually recorded together but never face-to-face, The band would record the basic track and Steve would do his vocals from home in London and send the tapes back to The NoMen to finish off. The Nomen have since done two other albums of Steves Songs "The Apprentice of Agnes Morehead" in 2009 and "Steve Treatment" in 2017.

The band have also produced a constant supply of their own material either on Topplers or on their own NoMen Records with a work ethic that involves producing at least two full albums a year plus singles, EPs and videos. They rarely, if ever, play live.

You can purchase many NoMen albums at their BandCamp page.


 NoMen/Steve Treatment albums


New Digital Release on Shambotic Records 

A five track EP featuring one new psychedelic pop song and a few tracks you may be familiar with from The Nomen's archive. Available to stream through Shambotic Records on all the usual digital platforms... 

New Album 2020

"A Bad Reputation Is A Good Place to Start" is the brand new album from The NoMen featuring ex-Swell Maps founder Phones Sportsman. The album has an official release date of 1st December 2020 but you can obtain a pre-release copy here for £8.75 (including first class post in the UK)

A Bad Reputation CDThe album has 22 tracks of typical NoMan eclecticism, many featuring the vocal acrobatics of their long time collaborator Phones Sportsman. The CD comes in a standard clear jewel case with an eight page colour booklet.

A bad reputation is a good place to start
Throw some paint at a canvas and call it ART.

A good reputation can be easily tarnished
Who says a turd can’t be varnished?


The album lyrics can be found here - LYRICS

Get your copy by using the PayPal button below. Please select UK, Europe or USA (rest of world) for your price including postage and packing.

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