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SALT DOLL The Washed Ashore Collection

DEBUT CD ON TOPPLERS RECORDS TV005 Released in 2009. This was a bit of a departure for Topplers Records in as much that it's well produced, beautifuly crafted, subtle folk-rock!

Salt Doll CDSalt Doll is Christine Isherwood and Terry Koivunen.
"Having had a previous life together as The Jealous Lovers in London, time and life had rent them apart and they found themselves living on different sides of the Atlantic, Christine in the USA, and Terry in the UK.
Worth their salt, born into and of the salt of the earth, they came together in London once more and played songs hewn of salt, songs cried out in bitter nights and tales of woe and loss. Salt Doll were born; born of waves of fury and grief, born without recourse to reason, born of necessity, born of life and death, born of love, hate, and horizons filled with promise of maybe something that could never be.
Salt Doll, let us rub salt in your wounds, let us scatter salt over your jaded and confused heart to melt the ice, let us bring our salty zest to your day and with our attic wit dispel the darkness of the grey sea."

The Salt Doll CD came in a Standard Jewel Case with a big foldout sleeve with lyrics and some very watery photos!








The debut album from Salt Doll is a collection of 11 bittersweet songs with an acoustic feel and an electric atmosphere. Salt Doll features the golden voice of Christine Isherwood and the plucky guitar of Terry Koivunen. Terry and Christine are backed up by the 'Brothers in Law' a razor sharp band featuring the talents of Kevin Poree, Lee Damarell, John Riches, Paul Seacroft, Julian Thorne and Catriona Cormack. 

The Washed Asore Collection was produced by Kevin Poree at Berry St Studios in London.



The Jealous Lovers

TEA WITH CINDI by "The Jealous Lovers".
Christine Isherwood and Terry Koivunen made another album together in 2001. It was an acoustic album called 'Tea with Cindi' and was released on CD on their own label.

Christine was the backing vocalist on most of Steve Treatment's recordings. 

Christine Isherwood, as a teenage tearaway, had busked on the streets of London in the aftermath of punk with Nikki Sudden and Steve Treatment. She sang backing vocals on Treatments earliest recordings before joining A Popular History of Signs, and then fronting The Mighty Whirling. She did radical political musical theatre for some years with the Poison Girls before diving into the depths of the psyche for some tumultuous years.

Terry Koivunen came to England from his native Finland in the mid 90's. Once in the UK he went on to play with Jane Alston (The Brendas), Vic Eliot, a brief stint in the revived Au Pairs before bumping into Christine Isherwood in a dark and dingy dive in London. The Jealous Lovers were born and went on to gig and to record one album, 'Tea With Cindi'. He is currently exploring his dark metal groove in Leeds.

 'The Brothers in Law' comprised of Lee Damarell of Pullover on electric bass; Paul Seacroft of such luminaries as The Selecter and Prince Buster, on steel guitar; Julian Thorne of the mighty Inspector Tuppence and Hubber on double bass, and joined for the occasion by Catriona Cormak (ex of Kicker) on french horn and trumpets. On drums the legendary John Riches; and Kevin Poree, a luminous soul, lent his skills to keyboards and backing vocals. Together The Washed Ashore Collection was born.


Salt Doll flyer

Salt Doll FlyerSalt Doll continues and Christine Isherwood is joined by Michelle Jones on guitar. Michelle has been playing all her life and has played with everyone.

They are currently based primarily on the island of Martha's Vineyard and in New York City, where new songs are being written before the undertow comes and gets them.


01 Lullabye For Your Troubles

03 Summer Song

02 Poison Leafs

04 You're Not Awake

05 Red Velvet Curtain

07 Lost at Sea

09 Sorrow

11 Vinegar

06 So Cold The Sea

08 Betrayal

10 Undefined Lovel