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Discography (Cassettes)

 Ticket Inspectors CassettesTicket Inspectors CassettesTHE TICKET INSPECTORS

Steve's band from the eighties. A slightly gentler sound on many of these tracks with bongos and flutes giving it a sixties psychedelic feel. These were limited edition home made cassettes with a mixture of studio and live recordings. There were many different versions with alternative photocopied covers available!  Many of the best tracks are on the Hyped 2 Death CD and the studio recordings are available online from Topplers records.



Steve Treatment - guitar and vocal. 
Kozzie - Bass. Bongo Chris - percussion. Helen Webster - flute.

(See the Ticket Inspectors on the VIDEO page)   -  MORE ABOUT THE TICKET INSPECTORS


Picked Apart on Tape Cassette BoxPicked Apart on Tape Cassette Box

PICKED APART ON TAPE  - Topplers Cassette TV001 [2012]

This was a labour of love from Topplers Records and only 12 copies of the cassette box tape were made! There were 4 cassettes with over 100 songs of just Steve and his acoustic guitar. These were taken from the original cassettes that Steve used to send to Topplers Records and many of these recordings became the basis of his more polished recordings with the NoMen. There were many unusual cover versions and a lot of songs that never saw the light of day anywhere else. The box set also had a CD with 'band' versions of some tracks plus a couple of rare unreleased Steve Treatment recordings and it included a large colour booklet with handwritten sleevenotes from Steve. A cut down version of the box set was also available from Topplers as a two CD set... The CD version is available to stream on Spotify.

CD One    CD Two


The Ticket Inspectors Studio RecordingsThe Ticket Inspectors Studio RecordingsTHE TICKET INSPECTORS CASSETTE
Studio Recordings 1989 - 1994 [Topplers 2013]

A 36 minute cassette in a cardboard folded sleeve with printed insert.  In 2012 Topplers Records started a cassette only label using Steve Treatments cassette archive as a starting point and Steve came up with the slogan "Join The Campaign To Bring Back Hiss!"
This release put all the studio recordings by the Ticket Inspectors into one coherant album. A follow up album with live recordings was planned but didn't see the light of day.

  • New Youth Society Generator 04:19
  • Calendar Karmi 04:19
  • It Was Good While It Lasted 03:40
  • Echo In The Back Street 03:45
  • Front Page News 03:59
  • They Loved You 01:49
  • Cabinet of Disciples 07:44
  • I Hate Reunions 02:06



Roscoe Vacant CassetteRoscoe Vacant (with The NoMen & Steve Treatment)  [Topplers 2013]

15 minute cassette in wraparound card sleeve. Roscoe Vacant is a passionate folk/punk artist from Ayrshire, Scotland who is a huge fan of Steve Treatment. Topplers Records got him into the studio with The NoMen and they came up with three covers of Steves songs that are 100 miles removed from the sound of the originals! Steve joins in on the version of 'New Youth Society Generator' and the second side of the cassette is Steve on his own with some strange new compositions recorded in his London basement flat.


  • Your Friends Are In The News
  • Disillusioned Artist on the Basement Floor of Love 
  • New Youth Society Generator 
  • Plastic Lamp
  • Cocooned
  • Withdrawal Symtoms
  • At a Later Date

Sounding so synthetically weird but at the same time deeply rooted in an early primordial British post-punk, to understand this psychotic and instantaneous product you have to know a little bit about where it all comes from... Phones Sportsman is David Barrington, one of the founders of the almighty and undisputed Swell Maps, who after their dissbandement released an only 1980 single as The Phone Sportmans Band, never to make any music again working as a geologist since, until almost 30 years later, in 2008, he returned with a couple of albums for Topplers Records only to disappear again, reportedly selling all his instruments and retiring from the music business.... Last year Pandemic brought him back into the studio with Scottish The NoMen and his old Maps colleague Jowe Head. Now Phones is back "again... and again" with this bizzare mixture of renewed old-school post-punk, disrupted disco, synth-vibes and extravagant madness! Tremendo Garaje could be the ecstacy and hydrocodone kicking in but this is relaxing as hell! Like the Sex Pistols meets Teletubbies! Back Seat Driver; all about pints of obsession UK ale, footsie, mother nature, balls, cubicles, laughing out loud, smoldering latter day saints... real genius like Iggy Pop on laughing gas with cockney swang! Barry Lyndon: YouTube