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Topplers Records

What's New?


On the 31st October The NoMen will release their first album of  new material since January 2020! (That is a long time for the NoMen, they usually manage three albums a year!) Look out for announcements soon to get it super spooky Halloween packaging!



Phones Sportsman's final album? The Return of Punky Pea is out now. Get it before it's gone.



SPACE - a compilation of tracks from 2011 to 2021 with a space/sci-fi theme. Comes in crazy silver space age packaging.


The NoMen have a new digital release on Shambotic Records. Listen to it on the Nomen's page Now!!!


OOPS! Looks like I broke all the links for Steve Treatment's MP3s. All can be heard in their DIY glory right here, now!



Updated The  NoMen and Phones Sportsman pages.
New album from The NoMen available now.



New downloads available on Bandcamp


Updates to Phones Sportsman



Added pages for Dan Melchior, The Knockouts, Jowe Head, Topplers 'Other' releases and updated Phones Sportsman and The NoMen.



Updated The NoMen page with news of a new album.



Topplers Records and Steve Treatment are merging their websites. There may be a bit of chaos but we'll get there!


Steve Treatment - Rarities and Greatest Hits!!!

BIKING. Classic pop from Steve and The NoMen. This should've been a massive hit!!!

From Steve's second single on his own 'Backbone Records' from 1979

CHANGE OF PLAN. From Steve Treatment's third single also from 1979 on Backbone Records

A LETTER TO THE WORLD. One of the earliest collaborations with The NoMen 2003.

STUDIO JAM 1979 - With Nicky Welsh and friends, listen to the similarities with 'Worn Out Shoe'!

THE HIPPIE POSED ENGROSEMENT. An alternative version recorded in 1979.

HOOKED ON A TREND. Another alternative version recorded in 1979.

THE TREATMENT 1977. This is where Steve got his name! Recorded with Colm Jackson on a Revox reel to reel with lots of echo!!!

THE WORLD IS A SLAG. Unreleased recording from 1979.

CHRISTMAS IN OCTOBER 2003. The first of many Christmas songs by Steve & the NoMen.

NEGATIVE NIGHTS : An alternative version from 1978

GO AWAY!!! Steve solo from the cassette compilation "Picked apart on Tape"

BOY OF 14. Steve's song about his childhood with backing by The NoMen from 2003

TWO BROTHERS 2008. Steve wrote this tribute to Nikki Sudden and Epic Soundtracks from Swell Maps both of who died young. The NoMen got hold of it and turned it into a Rock'n'Roller!

THE WORLD IS BLUE. One of Steve's earliest songs. This version is by The NoMen in 2008 from their "Apprentice of Agnes Moorehead" CD.

I DON'T WANT MY LITTLE BABY BACK. A ridiculously good pop song, just Steve and his acoustic.

IT SHOOK ME! Not Steve's final recording but his last finished recording with The NoMen.

TASTE YOUR OWN MEDICINE : From the first single with Swell Maps