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Discography (Vinyl)

The 5 'A' Sided 45. 1978 Rather RecordsThe 5 'A' Sided 45. 1978 Rather Records

5 'A' Sided 45 - Rather Records, Gear Two 1978

Produced, arranged and played by Steve Treatment with (thinly disguised) members of Swell Maps! Engineered by Mike Kemp. Sleeve by Epic Soundtracks, Photograph by Nikki Sudden. Hand written inner sleeve listing Steve's favourite bands, adverts for Swell Maps etc! Every copy with the inner bag is different , some written by Steve others by the Maps. Some contained a competition slip as well. "Bolan was Stolen" engraved into vinyl run-out!

This is the one that Steve is best known for and it is an all time classic. Every song is a gem. Great sound - echoes everywhere and backwards guitars - you just feel how good a time they had recording it. The patter between songs and the general ambience makes this stand head and shoulders above it's contemporaries. This really rocks and the Bolanesque "Negative Nights" with Christine Isherwood's backing vocals is a classic!


Steve Treatment - Guitar & Vocal. Edrun Kubelwagon - Guitar. Matilda Tank - Bass & Back Vocals. Amphibious Landing Craft - Drums. RJ Half Track - Guitar. Chris & Chris - Backing Vocal & Tambourine


Heaven Knows/Juvenile Wrecks. Backbone Records 1979Heaven Knows/Juvenile Wrecks. Backbone Records 1979

Step Inside a Worn Out Shoe / Heaven Knows. Double A side. Backbone Records ZBHIT1 1979

Produced and arranged by Steve Treatment. Engineered by Doug. Recorded 5th Feb 1979. 
Photocopied and folded sleeve.

Only TWO songs this time! Both great. "Worn Out Shoe" is classic Steve Treatment and "Heaven Knows" with its piano based sound is like later T Rex; only better!

  • HEAVEN KNOWS (Juvenile Wrecks)

Steve Treatment - Vocal, Guitar, Piano. 
Nick Welsh - Bass, Guitar, Drums, Backing Vocal. Tara Gordon - Drums, Mouth Pops, Backing Vocal




The Zodiac Fassions EP. Backbone Records 1979The Zodiac Fassions EP. Backbone Records 1979

Steve Treatment & the Zodiac Fassions. Backbone Records ZBHIT1 1979

Produced & Arranged by ST. Recorded 1st February & July 26th 1979
Photocopied folded cover stapled to white sleeve with a photocopied A4 poster. "For further information just do your own thing!"

5 songs again... "Change of Plan" is a POP classic, and so are the rest. Sloppy playing (in a good way!) more trademark backwards guitar, Bolanesque phrasing, grunts and sighs galore! Too good to be true in fact!


Steve Treatment - Guitar & Vocal.
Nick Welsh - Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocal. Tara Gordon - Drums, Backing Vocal. Mark Hayward - Guitar, Backing Vocal. Richard Welsh - Drums, Backing Vocal. Christine Isherwood - Breathing


2005 'A' Sided 45. Topplers Records 20052005 'A' Sided 45. Topplers Records 2005

Steve Treatment & the NoMen - 2005 "A" Sided 45. Topplers Records Top Ten 003 2005

Produced and arranged by Steve Treatment and the NoMen. Recorded August/Sept 2005 at Topplers Home Studio and Steve's basement flat.

21" x 14" fold-out glossy sleeve. Black & White label "For more information, stare at the wall!"

5 songs again!!! ( six if you count the bonus track!) Has Steve mellowed with age? NO! This is still vibrant DIY punk-pop... The NoMen are the tightest band Steve has played with since the Swell Maps! Tracks range from short-sharp shocks to dreamy psychedelic trips! More backwards guitar, bontempi organ, vintage drum machines and general ramshackle weirdness... Still available from Topplers Records.


  • AARGH (bonus track)

Steve Treatment - Guitar & Vocal. 
George NoMan, Cal NoMan, Allan NoMan, Brian NoMan and Billy NoMan play guitars, drums, organs etc and sing. Lana WoMan adds vocals to 'Echo in the Backstreet'


After a few unsuccesful attempts at getting Steve up to Scotland to record, Topplers records arranged a weekend session for the NoMen and Steve Treatment to record a 7"  single in early 2004. Tickets were bought for Steve to travel to Glasgow and beer and pizzas were bought in bulk for the planned session! An early morning call to confirm Steve was ready went unanswered and a later call proved that he hadn't made it! The driver of the National Express coach seemingly didn't let him on for having a massive carry out as his only luggage! Topplers went on to release The Decider 7" which featured some of the NoMen, then a single by Jowe Head from Swell Maps who had played guitar on Steve's first single. Steve's single came out in 2005 and the NoMen reverted to their tried and tested method of recording backing tracks and sending them to Steve in London to add vocals.

WIRE 272 
Wow. How pleasant it is to know that Steve Treatment is still out there and recording.
His new one is a corker. With his mates, The NoMen, Mr Treatment shows he still has a strange and appealing handle on leftfield basement pop, although he seems a bit less relient on Marc Bolan as a spirit guide. Anyway, this is a great bowl of weevil from one of England's originals.

Steve Treatment & the No-Men 2005 'A' Sided 45 7" Late 70s DIY punk legend Steve Treatment is back with some Scots called the NoMen and WOW! is this good. Steve updates his T-Rex influenced sound without losing the magic heard in his three classic 7"s. Unlike a lot of "old timers," Steve Treatment hasn't lost it! A great combo of DIY punk, T-Rex, and psych. 
(Scott Sorriano, S-S Records)


 Hyped2Death/Munster LP 2015Hyped2Death/Munster LP 2015All Dressed For Tomorrow LP.  Messthetics/Munster 2014

 A compilation of all the tracks from the 7" singles plus studio recordings from the same period. This 12" album has extensive inner notes and photos. Still available online from Munster Records and in good independent record stores.

  • Taste Your Own Medicine
  • Danger Zone
  • The Hippy Posed Engrossment
  • Hooked On A Trend
  • Negative Nights
  • Step Inside A Worn-Out Shoe
  • Heaven Knows (Juvenile Wrecks)
  • Change Of Plan
  • Head Of A Raven
  • Chosen To Go
  • Tempest Fashion Baby
  • Cry In Alphabet Sharp
  • Carve My Name Upon Your Back
  • Temperature Change (The World Is A Slag)
  • Ingrowing Toenail
  • Fireball XL5 (Cover Version)


Sounding so synthetically weird but at the same time deeply rooted in an early primordial British post-punk, to understand this psychotic and instantaneous product you have to know a little bit about where it all comes from... Phones Sportsman is David Barrington, one of the founders of the almighty and undisputed Swell Maps, who after their dissbandement released an only 1980 single as The Phone Sportmans Band, never to make any music again working as a geologist since, until almost 30 years later, in 2008, he returned with a couple of albums for Topplers Records only to disappear again, reportedly selling all his instruments and retiring from the music business.... Last year Pandemic brought him back into the studio with Scottish The NoMen and his old Maps colleague Jowe Head. Now Phones is back "again... and again" with this bizzare mixture of renewed old-school post-punk, disrupted disco, synth-vibes and extravagant madness! Tremendo Garaje could be the ecstacy and hydrocodone kicking in but this is relaxing as hell! Like the Sex Pistols meets Teletubbies! Back Seat Driver; all about pints of obsession UK ale, footsie, mother nature, balls, cubicles, laughing out loud, smoldering latter day saints... real genius like Iggy Pop on laughing gas with cockney swang! Barry Lyndon: YouTube